Caregiver Revolution: 5 Easy Steps to Enlightened Caregiving is now published and available at the Caregiver Website!

A handbook for caregivers, their families and friends. This book contains tips and tools to help you get rid of stress and make mindfulness a part of your caregiving work.

From the Introduction:

Introduction – Help Yourself by Helping Others

We already know that for you, the caregiver, it's “never about me.” Caregivers are selfless...often too selfless. Believe it or not you can take care of yourself while caring for others. You can even use caregiving as a practice in which to include work with larger issues surrounding life and death. Your efforts to become a better caregiver today can help you and those around you tomorrow. By helping your loved one you are indeed preparing for a better end of life. This is the essence of the caregiver revolution.

Caregiving is a precious opportunity to help others, but perhaps you never stop to consider how much it is helping you! By doing this work you are naturally creating a more positive environment for the end of your own life. You'll be able to handle your death more gracefully, knowledgeably and peacefully. Those around you at that time will benefit from this and will, in turn, pass it on. By making efforts to become a more mindful caregiver today, you are initiating a cycle of benefit that will help future generations.

How to do prayers and readings from sacred texts for the benefit of others

Healing,Relaxing & Awakening in Tibetan Buddhism

"I will endeavor to be fully present for at least one second during each and every interaction."


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